A very good friend of mine is an interior decorator. Right after I moved into a fabulous lofty apartment with high ceilings and 150 year old floors, she started showing up with these metal wall decorations. They were great, and actually I loved them, with all their intricate details and their coiled bits and their sweet graceful arcs. But I didn’t understand why she was so insistent that I hang these all over rather than my collection of oil paintings. Granted, my collection was not one I had gone out and sought, but had merely collected through friends and the occasional purchase of my own. After all, I was young. Who needed art deco when they had too much youth on their side? This apartment was a sign that I was growing up anyway.

Metal wall decorations , as it was explained to me, are a greater statement of artistic impression than most paintings, at least the ones I was carrying around. They left significantly more room for interpretation than a painting, and were more modern and new age while still filling out classic homes. They were, of course, the perfect fit for anyone who wasn’t run of the mill.

Run of the mill? I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but apparently it meant something good. So I went with it. I started my own collection, after she started it for me, of metal wall decor. The flavor they bring to the house is awesome, new, and inviting. It’s not the same things as even some of the finest paintings, but more like a new tradition. It’s classy, but contemporary. It’s perfectly fit to suit me, but at the same time would fit just about anyone who wanted something just a little bit different, a little bit unique, and a little bit bold. I got really excited when my friend turned me onto this new way of decorating. Once I finally collected all the pieces I wanted, I invited her over for a tour. She was impressed, to say the least, and impressing an interior decorator with your own decorating is like winning on one of those scratch off lottery tickets. It’s a huge B-I-N-G-O.

So now, because I know how awesome these metal wall decorations really are, I tend to use them for gifts for other people. And almost everyone I know that has received one of these very fabulous and stunning gifts, has ultimately gotten more of this type of wall art on their own volition. It great to see people get so excited about decorating their homes, even if they aren’t exactly avid decorators. It’s fabulous to be so excited about decorating my own apartment, because I can’t consider myself an avid decorator. What I can consider myself, is someone lucky enough to have a good friend to turn me onto a new way to be proud of where I live, to make the place I live more than just comfortable, but a place that I want other people to come into, to see, to enjoy, and to be, of all things, merry.