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How to Create Your Own Handmade Cabinet Knobs

How to Create Your Own Handmade Cabinet Knobs

In lieu of purchasing expensive knobs for the cabinets around your home, why not create stylish and very personalized knobs yourself? The exciting concept about creating your own knobs is that they will be unique, and that they will reflect not only on your personal interests and preferences, but can, in addition, complement the use you have for the cabinets. You can craft the cabinet knobs from materials like clay or you can repurpose found objects like rocks, marbles, and wooden spools.

Rock Cabinet Knobs

Homes that are outfitted with a natural or rustic look or theme can be accentuated with cabinet knobs that are crafted from natural stones like river rocks; these add a decorative and natural touch that are a perfect accompaniment other nature inspired accents like tree branch wall decor. In order to make a base for the rocks so that they can be attached as cabinet knobs, first cut a half-inch dowel into sections of ˝” each. Next, drill a 1/8th inch diameter hole lengthwise through the center of each section. Select the river rocks that you want to use and then place them with their good sides down into a box or bowl that is filled part of the way with sand. This will hold them steady. Spread epoxy (using a stick) on one cut end of each dowel, and affix the dowel to the rock. Allow this to dry thoroughly. Once drive, varnish the rocks with two coats of varnish, giving each coat time to dry. Attach the knobs using wood screws that are long enough to pass through both the dowel and the hole in the cabinet door. Set a washer on the screw before sliding it through the cabinet hole; thread another washer on the other end of the screw and attach the rock to the screw.

Clay Cabinet Knobs

Polymer clay can also be used to form any shape or type of cabinet knob; for example you might want to fashion clusters of grapes or grape leaves to complement your wine wall decor. This type of clay can be purchased at craft stores and some big box retailers. Follow the package instructions for heating the oven to the temperature required, and in the meantime, knead the clay by hand to soften it. Form the clay into shapes of your choosing that are least ˝” thick. Use a plain small wooden door pull as the base for this type of customized knob. Turn over the finished shapes and press the wood door pull into the shape’s back in order to make an indention in the shape. Set the wood knob to the side. Place the shapes on a cookie sheet. Bake them for the time that is specified by the package instruction. Remove from oven and allow to cool. You can then paint the knobs however you wish. Allow the paint to completely dry and then seal them with a coating of polyurethane. Using strong glue, attach the forms to the front of the wood drawer pulls. Allow to try. Attach the knobs to the cabinets.

Other Types

You can add character to your cabinets with a variety of handmade knobs. Experiment with making different knobs using glass marbles, tiles, spools, seashells, and more. You can attach them to a drilled ˝” dowel or drill a hole through an object. Wooden spools with a screw attached through their openings also make attractive handmade knobs.
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How to Create Your Own Handmade Cabinet Knobs
How to Create Your Own Handmade Cabinet Knobs - Inset