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Guest Bedroom Decor: Budget Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces

Guest Bedroom Decor: Budget Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces

A guest bedroom should be relaxing, cozy, and well decorated to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. Candle wall sconces can help you add interest and design to a guest bedroom when sticking to a budget. They are far less costly than high-quality electric light fixtures, and they add more warmth and appeal to the room. Consider the following budget decorating ideas with candle wall sconces, and turn your guest bedroom into a place that is sure to impress all of your guests.

Create a Focal Point at the Head of the Bed

The vertical space at the head of the guest bed is the ideal place to create a focal point, and candle wall sconces are the ideal accessory. Choose a large candle wall sconce that holds multiple candles for an amazing display. A large and highly intricate metal sconce is a focal point in itself, but it can be surrounded by wall art to match the display. Light the candles before showing guests to their bedrooms and they will be astounded by the beauty and the time you took with every detail.

Highlight a Work of Art

A work of art in a guest bedroom can be highlighted by beautiful candle wall sconces, and it can also be turned into an amazing focal point. Choose candle wall sconces to match the style of the framed work of art, and carefully measure and hang a matching set of sconces, one on each side of the picture. Install aromatic candles, and fill the guest bedroom with amazing fragrance. The impact will be even more dramatic if the candles match the fragrance of the subject of the picture. For example, a painting of the ocean would look outstanding with lantern-style candle wall sconces and ocean breeze scented candles. A painting of a serene garden would even more realistic when paired with elegant cottage-style sconces and floral scented candles. Use your imagination and creativity to pair sconces, candles, and beautiful works of art for a lovely guest bedroom display.

Decorate a Narrow Guest Bedroom Space

Candle wall sconces are available in all sizes, and some are quite narrow. A narrow candle wall sconce is ideal for decorating an empty space that needs a little something but does not provide enough room for a larger piece. If space is lacking, choose narrow candle wall sconces when decorating a guest bedroom. Narrow sconces can be just as dramatic as larger selections, and you can find just what you need for every empty vertical space in your guest bedroom.

Add Cottage-Style Charm with Candle Lanterns

If your guest bedroom is decorated in a quaint cottage style, how about adding pairs of candle lanterns to add even more style and appeal? Take a look at the array of available candle lanterns, and imagine your favorite selections adorning the walls of your guest bedroom. You can create a very impressive display by hanging a pair of candle wall sconces a safe distance from window treatments and window frames. As the light is fading outdoors, light the candles to create a warm glow that will make the room feel even more cozy and inviting for guests.

Light up the Night with a Larger Display

If you would like to create an accent wall in your guest bedroom, paint one wall in a rich accent color, and hang an impressive display that includes candle wall sconces. Choose your favorite large candle wall sconce that holds tea light candles, and center it on the accent wall. In addition, select a pair of smaller candle wall sconces that hold votive or pillar candles and coordinate well with the larger piece. Hang one on each side of the display. Candle wall sconces are meant to be used, and when all of the candles are lit they will bathe the room in candlelight while creating a beautiful and highly unique guest bedroom display.
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Guest Bedroom Decor: Budget Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces
Guest Bedroom Decor: Budget Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces - Inset