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Easy Ways to Make Contemporary Living Room Warm and Inviting

Easy Ways to Make Contemporary Living Room Warm and Inviting

When some people think of a contemporary living room they think of a cold and sterile room with walls of windows and white decor, but modern-day decorating does not have to look cold and uninviting. A living room should be warm and welcoming, and a modern living room is no exception. There are a number of easy ways to make a contemporary living room appear warm and exceptionally inviting, and the following ideas will show you where to begin.

Warm the Room with Color

White walls are often seen in contemporary living rooms, but painting walls a stark shade of white is not necessary. White is the absence of all color, and although it is crisp and makes a room appear more open and airy, white is not warm or inviting. If you prefer white walls, incorporate color into the living room with colorful furnishings. A living area with modern style is the ideal place for sunny yellow furniture and accessories. Yellow is warm and inviting, and it adds brilliance to an otherwise ordinary space.

Create an Area for Conversation

No matter the style of a large living room, it will not look nearly as warm or as inviting if furnishings line the walls. Create an area for conversation with modern design, and begin with a large area rug with an interesting pattern and colors that coordinate well with furnishings. Arrange the furniture to create a sitting area where family and guests can comfortably converse. Place a stylish loveseat at the edge of the narrow end of the area rug and a sofa along the length. For added dimension and design, select a contemporary chair, and place it at an opposite corner of the rug. Choose a lovely contemporary coffee table, and set it in the center of the conversation area. This arrangement will make the living space look and feel more inviting than ever.

Coffee Table Decor

Add something more than a magazine or a book when decorating a coffee table with contemporary design. Consider choosing items of interest such as a large handled platter with a few colorful spheres and a stylish vase filled with a fresh floral arrangement. Choose flowers that pick up accent colors in the living room, and fill in empty spaces in the vase with rich green foliage. Live floral arrangements are ideal in contemporary living rooms with massive windows and scenic views, and displaying flowers and foliage is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Blanket Throws and Comfy Pillows

Help make a contemporary living room more inviting by add comfy and colorful throw pillows and a soft blanket throw. Select fabric covered pillows that match the furniture and a contrasting throw. Fold the throw, and drape it over one of the pillows. Not only will it add texture and design to contemporary furniture, but it will also provide a way to warm up when the room is chilly.

Wall Decor

When decorating a living room with contemporary style, make it appear more inviting and interesting by including wall art. Select a large work of contemporary art, and make it the focal point of the room. If you have a fireplace, center it above the hearth. A large work of contemporary wall art is also an excellent choice for a blank wall that could use a little color and design. Contemporary wall decor is available in countless designs and price ranges to suit every budget and preference.

A contemporary living room can be every bit as warm and inviting as a traditional living room. It does not have to be cold and formal. With warm colors, carefully arranged furnishings, comfy throws, and interesting wall decor, you can have a contemporary living room that is warm and welcoming.
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Easy Ways to Make Contemporary Living Room Warm and Inviting
Easy Ways to Make Contemporary Living Room Warm and Inviting - Inset