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Design Articles & Tips

Design Articles & Tips

A Cozy Home Office at the Top of a Stairway Most families could use a home office; even if no one works from home on a regular basis, a home office provides a great space to take care of household business and other tasks. Many times a home office is set up in a spare bedroom, but if there is no extra bedroom space available you may think you don’t have the room for a home office. However, if you have two-story home the area at the top of your stairs could be a perfect location for a home office.

Make Freestanding Shelves look like Built-ins Built-in shelving gives a wonderful upscale look to a home whether it is a Craftsman style gem or a contemporary living room with a wall full of built-in shelving. However, unless you are a master woodworker yourself and have the tools, workshop, time and talent to build such shelving, you’ll find it very expensive to hire a carpenter to do the work for you. However, there is a great option that is affordable and beautiful. Why not use freestanding shelves?

Keep your New Year’s Resolution to De-Clutter your Rooms The New Year always brings with it a rash of resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, and finally getting organized. After the holidays have ended, you will likely look forward to putting all the decorations away and making your house less cluttered. A less cluttered home is easier to clean and maintain and feels fresh and spacious; it also reduces stress because you aren’t always looking at piles of things that need to be done.

Welcome January with the Simplicity of Winter White The holidays are full of hustle and bustle and by the time they are over, we often feel like we’ve had a little too much of everything, from rich food and decadent desserts to over-the-top holiday decor. With so much red and green and the glimmer of gold and twinkling lights, switching to a simpler palette is a welcome change. Winter white is absolutely perfect for embracing this kind of simplicity and it says welcome to winter and the peaceful tranquility found just outside your window.

Showcasing Contemporary Art in a Traditional Home Many homeowners and amateur decorators are under the impression that mixing modern and traditional elements is an interior design ‘no-no’; but actually nothing could be further from the truth and it is actually quite chic to mix elements from both styles. After all, decorating your home is essentially about expressing yourself and is a reflection of your personality just like the clothing or jewelry you wear.

Renovate with Wall Art instead of a Sledgehammer Spend just an hour or two watching a home makeover show and you know that renovating a home or a room takes tons of cash and sweat equity and it helps if you know how to knock down a wall, rewire, plumb, tile, hang cabinets, and so on. Fact is, most homeowners either don’t have the skill and know-how to do this or they are lacking the time, effort and money needed to get the job done themselves; and hiring a contractor is even more cost prohibitive.

Warm up Winter Decor with Candles Candles are a favorite accessory year round but they are especially welcome in winter. Their warm, cheerful glow seems to make it a little easier to bear the blustery, snowy landscape just outside your window. Choose from scented or unscented candles to give every room in the home a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Bedroom Decor: Old World Elegance on an Average Budget If your bedroom seems a bit average and you’d like to make it more romantic and elegant, introduce Old World style decor to your boudoir. Old World style is based on gracious European architectural features and uses scrolled wood furniture and antiques; textured, sensual fabrics; and rich, jewel toned colors to create an elegant, richly appointed bedroom suite. Tasteful accessories, wall art and accents are the finishing details that add distinctive, graceful layers to this style of decor.

3 Easy Ways to Soften Modern Decors Bold, contemporary design is all about straight edges, sleek surfaces and the minimalist fusion of design and function. However, some people find that contemporary design leaves them cold. All the straight lines and streamlining can make a room feel less than welcoming. If you are drawn to the simplicity and styling of contemporary decors, but need something that speaks to your softer side, here are three ways to warm up and soften the cold, sometimes harsh reality of modern design.

Floral Bedroom Designs are Anything but Frumpy! Without a doubt, floral decor that is over the top can result in a look that is dowdy, old-fashioned or downright frumpy – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Today’s options for decorating a bedroom can include flowers but still be chic and stylish. Ban your notions of floral designs that Grandma loved and take a new look at how to bring the beauty of flowers and nature to your bedroom with designer flair.

Focal Point Ideas for Commercial Spaces Unlike a residence where style is a matter of personal preference, design and decor in commercial spaces have to do more than please the owner. They have to reach out and grab customers so that they are attracted and inclined to do business. And while it’s a nice idea to decorate your home to create a good first impression for visitors, creating a great first impression is mandatory when it comes to business and commercial spaces. One important design tool for creating a great first impression is an outstanding focal point.

Decorating Tips for Commercial Lobbies While much thought and space planning goes into designing production and office spaces, how to decorate a commercial lobby area can be a major challenge for many businesses, especially if the area is large or has soaring ceilings. How a lobby is decorated is very important, however, and the task should not be approached as an afterthought. After all, the lobby is where first impressions of your company are formed by your customers who are the lifeblood of your business.

Blend Your Big Screen TV with Your Room's Decor If you love watching movies, a big screen television can be a great addition to your living room, family room or den. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to blend the large screen in with the room's overall decor. Although you'd like to enjoy watching your TV in these rooms, the large screen can sometimes tend to overpower the rest of the room. If you currently have this situation in your home, here are a few tips that can help.

Displaying Art in Contemporary Spaces Wall art can add an attractive touch, regardless of the room you are decorating. It can add plenty of visual interest and style, without the need to take up table or floor space. Because your walls are always highly visible, framed pictures and other forms of wall art can be highly effective when used as room decor.

Make Your Own Stylish Lamp from Scratch Lamps can add a beautiful touch to any room of your home, in addition to providing illumination. Just as when shopping for contemporary wall artwork, when shopping for lamps, you'll find a wide array of styles, colors, shapes and sizes from which to choose. However, sometimes you might want a lamp that provides a more personalized and customized look. Making your own lamps from scratch can be a fun, easy and inexpensive way of adding a personalized look to your home.

Area Rugs to Spark up Your Family Room While Southwestern wall art or trees wall sculptures can bring style to a room, whenever you want to add a touch of comfort and style to a family room, area rugs can be a great choice. They can also add a touch of warmth, which can be quite welcome in the case of tile, hardwood, bamboo or other hard surfaced flooring. Area rugs can be useful for those times when you'd like to add a bit of protection to your flooring, such as using one to shield your hardwood floor from pets, heavy foot traffic, or children's toys.

A Single Dramatic Focal Point on a Large Scale Wall Many modern homes have large scale walls that soar to the ceiling. When buying such a home you may be totally impressed with oversized walls because they make a room feel grand and spacious. However, once you move in and have to decorate, you may feel more intimidated than happy about your large scale walls. There are several ways to deal with this decorating challenge.

Add Warmth to a Family Room in Primitive Country Style While certain public spaces in the home, such as the living room and dining room, often are decorated in more elegant and formal styles, a family room is the ideal place for a more casual atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Comfort is a primary goal in a family room since it is one of the most used rooms in the home and is an everyday gathering place for family members. Primitive country style decor is a great option for a family room because it is cozy and comforting and the look can be inexpensively achieved.

Living Room Designs that Cherish Family Connections In today’s busy world, families are beset with unending stresses from every imaginable source, so it’s only natural that people are more interested than ever in turning their homes into personal sanctuaries that cherish family relationships and provide some down time away from the outside world. And what better place than your own living room to honor family connections? Decorating your living room in this way makes everyone feel connected and protected within a tightly knit family circle. Here are some family oriented design ideas to consider.

A Tranquil Interior Designed with Natural Touches Trends come and go and very often people get caught up in keeping their home decorated in the latest trends. In addition to being expensive, this can also be exhausting and it can lead to stress, which means that your home will not be the personal sanctuary that it should and could be. Everyone’s home should be a personal oasis of tranquility where you can unwind from the demands of your day and escape from the pressures of the world. Using natural touches is an easy and inexpensive way to bring more tranquility to your home. And nature is always in style, so there’s no need to stress over what the next decor trend may be.

Improve Your Efficiency in the Kitchen with Wall Racks The kitchen wall rack does a lot more than merely providing you with an easy way to reach your pans and pots. The kitchen wall rack also provides your kitchen with handy storage. Depending on the design and the model, the wall rack can improve the efficiency of your kitchen and add a lot of value to your space. Installing a wall rack in lieu of cabinets makes the room take on a much more spacious look. Because of this, the wall rack is particularly useful in the small kitchen or the kitchen that does not benefit from natural lighting.

Choosing Family Room Decor for Your Style Most all family rooms have a few of the basic pieces of furniture. Most of the furnishings are durable, child friendly and feature safety as a characteristic in order to keep children from being hurt by electrocution, cuts from sharp corners or fireplace burns. You do not have to give up these basic furnishings in your family room’s decor. You can use them to blend in your own style.

Creating a French Bistro Kitchen with a Romantic Look Kitchens with the look of a French bistro have grown tremendously in popularity over the years. This look is not only sexy but adds romance to your home as well. A well designed French bistro kitchen is easily used, cleaned and adds atmosphere for those busy adults. They find a place where there is relaxation at the close of the day. You can create the French bistro style in your own kitchen cost effectively. All you need to complete the look is the proper flooring, accessories, paint and a few simple romantic touches.

Replace the Young Family Feel of Your Living Room Your living room may be decorated with the young family feel for various reasons. Often, individuals use their living room as a play area for small children or they may have bought a home previously owned by a family with young children. After the children have grown up, you may feel the need to replace that young family feel in the living room with one that is more sophisticated. This transformation can be rather enjoyable allowing you to be proud of the end result.

How to Add the Look of the Outdoors to Your Interior With each passing year, the rustic style of decor becomes more popular. This does not translate, however, to you needing to select antique pieces or furnishings that may look better in a lodge or cabin. In fact, to get the best look, it is often a better idea to go with the notion of bringing the look of the outdoors to your interior.

Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space The lawn is more than just an accessory. It is a living space. You can actually extend the functionality of your property if you take advantage of your outdoor living space. By adding a few minimal, basic decorations can help you to achieve a more usable and livable space.

Update a Fireplace with Modern Tile and Art Place a fireplace in a room and you have an instant focal point: The warmth and comfort of the fireplace, plus its sheer size and design style can’t help but draw you in. However, if your fireplace is drastically out of date or in a state of disrepair, it will still be a focal point, but not in a good way. It will still attract attention, but it will detract from the overall appeal of the room.

Create Romance in the Dining Room with Vineyard Decor
Creating a romantic look in the dining room can go a long way toward setting the mood for romance over the dinner table. One of the most romantic ideas for the dining area space in any home is to bring in elements of the vineyard. Vineyard decor makes sense for this purpose since it evokes thoughts of wine country, the countryside, and plump, ripe grapes.

Bringing the Outdoor Furniture In Patio furniture has come a long way. No longer does it look utilitarian and durable; as a matter of fact, many pieces of outdoor furniture are actually attractive enough to be used indoors. Many styles of patio furniture work well in sunrooms, home spas, bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms or indoor patios.

How to Incorporate Benches into Room Design Any room in the home can benefit from the addition of benches, and since they can be found in so many different styles and sizes, it should be simple to find one to suit just about any style home. Whether adding additional seating areas in a room or creating a vignette, benches are quite versatile in any home's decor. Some benches include a storage space beneath the seat, which is handy when trying to keep a room clutter free.

Dramatic Lighting for the Living Room The use of light can be a great way to set the mood in any room of your home. Whether you are adding elegant lights to your formal entryway or arranging a candlelit dinner, lighting usually plays a big factor in your overall decorating scheme. If you want to create a look of drama in the dining room, proper use of light is crucial. Here are some great ways to create a dramatic look, simply by using light.

Modern Coffee Table Designs for Contemporary Family Rooms When designing your family room, one of the more important but frequently overlooked components is often the coffee table. Coffee tables have many varied uses, such as providing a spot for snacks and drinks. These handy tables are also frequently used as a spot to work on hobbies, play games, or even as a spot to rest one's feet. In fact, coffee tables often serve as a centerpiece of the living room. Because of its overall importance to the room design, you should take care to choose a coffee table that will meet the functional needs of your family as well as the design needs of your home.

Helpful Hints for Finding a Durable and Attractive Sofa There is certainly no shortage of styles and colors available when it comes to sofas. When selecting a sofa for the home, it is important to find one that is attractive and durable. Purchasing a new sofa isn’t like buying discount wall decor or even more expensive abstract metal wall art or French fleur de lis grilles.

Chandeliers: Choosing the Right Scale and Size Chandeliers are almost always intended to serve as one of a room's focal points. However, the chandelier should never be so large that it's the only thing a person notices when they enter the room. In order to get the most benefit from a chandelier's beauty, it's important to choose one that is the correct size, shape and scale for the room and it should coordinate with other style elements of the room, such as French fleur de lis grilles, elaborate wall mount candle holders or other unique wall art.

Finding the Perfect Lighting Solution for Basement Workshops Most people consider their basement to be a very valuable area of their home, since it can be utilized in such a wide variety of ways. The basement can easily be converted into one or even several rooms, usually without the need for a lot of electrical, plumbing or construction work. Whether you want to create a workshop or a playroom, chances are you'll be able to do the work yourself, without the need for a contractor. While you don’t need to spend money on furnishings and wall art like French fleur de lis metal wall sculptures or abstract metal wall hangings for a basement workshop, it is important to choose the right kind of lighting for the space.

Create an Intimate Dining Room with Lighting While accents like decorative wall tapestries and fleur de lis metal wall art can set the style of a dining room Properly designed lighting is one of the easiest ways to set a mood in a room, whether you are trying to add romance, energy, relaxation, or inspiration. There are many different ways that lighting can be used, depending on your mood and the room itself. Not only will creative use of light make the room look great, but it will also help to boost the mood of those who spend time in the room.

Stripes: Cornerstone of Traditional Design In a traditional living room there are several elements that can be used to solidify a classic look, and stripes are one of these elements. They can be included in furnishings, wall treatments and art to help identify the room's style as traditional. There are many different ways to incorporate stripes, and depending on where they are placed, they can actually help to change the appearance of the room's proportions.

Repeating Patterns to Echo a Home's Architecture There are many different ways to pull together a pleasing look for a home, and one way is to enhance the architectural elements that already exist. When a house has built in features like alcoves, bookshelves, ceiling medallions, exposed beams or corbels, these are all visually interesting features that can help to create a beautiful room design. Even just a few unusual architectural elements can be echoed in a living room's furnishings to create a stunning design.

Decorating a Living Room for Family and Friends Decorating a living room can be quite a challenge, especially if the room is used for entertaining. It is difficult to make the space versatile enough to feel cozy when just a few members of the family are using the space while making it comfortably serve a room full of family and friends. Probably the easiest way to have the living room make the transition from cozy to entertaining is to include some versatile seating options right into the room's design.

3 Popular Classic Kitchen Layouts In the kitchen, the wall art and decor that you choose helps define personality and style, but the floor plan can determine whether the space is efficient; and that translates directly into how easy it is to cook in the kitchen. The right floor plan not only functions well, but it looks great as well. Taking a little time to work out a functional design that flows easily from one task the next makes a kitchen quite fun to cook in, and even though there are an infinite number of ways to lay out a kitchen here are three that seem to work the best.

The Kitchen Hub Defines a Home’s Personality The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where the family gathers, eats and spends much of their lives. While the kitchen is quite functional, it also has a great deal of personality, and the style of this room quite often permeates the rest of the home. Taking the time to design a family kitchen that is functional and pleasing to the eye bleeds over into the rest of the home's decor, and it tends to produce an overall look for a home that is a little more purposeful and pulled together.

Kitchen Designs that Blend Form and Function While it is important for a kitchen to be functional, it is also important for it to be fashionable. Interesting design plus a sensible floor plan is a great way to marry the two elements, yielding a kitchen that not only looks great but is a pleasure to work in as well. When preparing for a kitchen remodel, or if simply redecorating the current one, there are some simple ideas that can help to make the kitchen an extraordinary space in the home.

Kitchens that Welcome Friends and Family In most homes, especially those with large families, the kitchen is well used, and as a result it feels warm and inviting. Typically the functional portions of a kitchen arise out of necessity, while the kitchen's decor comes from a more thoughtful process. Since the kitchen is the one spot in the home where everyone seems to gather, it already has a community feel to it, and by just addressing a few, tiny details, it can be given some smashing style as well.

Designing a Modern Living Room Design When decorating a home, a living room's design can have a big impact on the overall style. Typically a living room is one of the larger rooms in a house, and any decorating efforts expended there are amplified. While there are many different styles that can be used to decorate a living room, a homeowner can choose the design that best suits their tastes. For example, if a homeowner prefers a more contemporary look for their home, choosing a modern design for the living room can set the tone for the look of the entire home.

Incorporating Style and Comfort in Your Living Room It can sometimes be a bit challenging to create a living room that successfully combines comfort, function and style. While trying to decide whether to decorate with wrought iron wall art, contemporary metal wall clocks or other types of metal home accents, there is more to decorating than that. It is often necessary to deal with obstacles such as space and budget constraints when designing the living room area.

Designing a Living Room with Modern Minimalist Design It can sometimes be difficult to decide upon a living room decorating style, since there are so many different options available to choose from. However, you might want to consider a modern minimalist style of decorating if you find yourself attracted to a modern edgy style with minimal distractions. If you are considering this style of decorating, here are some design aspects to take into consideration.

Adding a Shoji Screen to your Decor Wall decor like abstract wall clocks, wine wall sculptures and wrought iron decor are certainly capable of adding a great deal of beauty to your home; but for something understated and unexpected, consider using a shoji screen. Japanese homes use beautiful shoji screens to make spaces more functional as well as more decorative. They are typically used as room screens, to divide a space for privacy or to make a space more useful.

Make Custom Picture Frames for the Living Room If you’d like to add a bit of style, individuality and overall decor to your living room, why not try making a few custom picture frames? While you can certainly decorate with wine wall hangings, tree wall art and other metal wall decor, custom picture frames are unique. Although you can certainly find plenty of picture frames in stores, custom frames that you create yourself can add a special touch of style to the room. If you don’t have a lot of woodworking skills, you can simply add custom details to a standard store-bought picture frame.

Living Room Floor Plans for your Next Party If you love to entertain, you probably spend days or even weeks in advance thinking about the menu, decor and theme of the party. Then to make everything perfect for your guests, you clean the house, polish the silver and purchase all your groceries and supplies. You may even purchase a new modern metal wall clock, wine wall sculpture or other wall art decor for the special occasion. If you’re just entertaining a couple or two, serving dinner in the dining room is no big deal.

Surprising Spot for Media Center: the Bathroom! In a world of information and technology, there are homeowners that are using components of media in the bathroom. With a growing amount of popularity, the scaled down version has became the trend. To catch the news in the morning or just to enjoy tunes while relaxing in the afternoon, this idea has become a hot one.

Free Trade Influences Interior Design The field of interior design has long influenced people and their lives by helping to create environments that are pleasing, comfortable and welcoming. But today, there is much more to it than that. Recent decades have seen designers and manufacturers striving to offer more eco-conscious products to the public and products that were hard to find just a few years ago are now becoming the norm.

Bedroom Decor: Tips on Adding Cork Floors Everyone is getting on the “green” bandwagon: Whether choosing grapes wall hangings made of recycled metal or snapping up vintage wrought iron decor and tree wall art from a resale store, eco-awareness has permeated every facet of our lives, including flooring. Cork is an eco-friendly flooring choice for the bedroom that has great visual appeal, texture and comfort.

How to Organize Home Repair Tools and Supplies You don’t have to be a licensed contractor to have a lot of tools and home repair supplies. Everyone has a least a few tools and everyone needs to make even simple repairs from time to time. Keeping your supplies and tools well organized and in good condition makes it easy to grab what you need when you need it. It’s economical as well, because proper storage will keep items from becoming damaged and you won’t be running to the store to buy something that you already have but can’t find.

Keeping Countertops Clear in Kitchens and Bathrooms Countertop clutter can be one of the most frustrating things about keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean. It is difficult to figure out where to put everything if you do not have a lot of storage or clever storage solutions. Check out the ideas below to help your countertops stay clutter-free and clean.

Enhancing Living Room Style with Window Treatments You probably spent a lot of time, effort and money finding exactly the right decorative wall crosses, flower wall sculptures or other wall decor for your living room. However, all your efforts could be in vain if your window treatments are out of style. Window treatments can date a living room, making it look out of step with the furniture, accessories and wall decor that you’ve chosen to create a new look. In reality, existing window treatments often look worse than ever if you update other elements of the room.

Measuring Tips for Properly Fitted Curtains Curtains are a versatile window treatment that can be used on their or in combination with sheers, blinds or shades. There are many different styles of curtains and if you’re shopping for new ones, you may be confused about how to know which size to purchase for a great fit. Unlike deciding between decorative art options like tree wall sculptures or metal wall crosses, there is more to choosing curtains than just their style, color and pattern. Here are some measuring tips that can clear up the confusion.

How to Organize Electrical Cords and Cables It used to be that you plugged a TV into a wall and you were done. Today, however, with all of our modern “toys” like flat screen TVs, DVD players, computers and sound surround systems, thing have become way more complicated and we need to find a way to straighten up the tangled mess of electrical cords and cables found in many homes. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can pose an electrical or tripping hazard.

Dorm with Living with Style While dorm room living is anything but lavish and grand, it can be done with a youthful spirit and with an element of style. With a little clever planning, smart storage and a dose of creativity, a dorm room can go from boring and Spartan to stylish and comfy. Best of all, these style solutions are affordable enough for even a paltry student budget.

Solving Dorm Room Decor Dilemmas Dorm room living is part of the college experience and while it can lead to wonderful friendships that last a lifetime, dorm living has unique challenges that can leave you with bad memories. For one thing, dorms are inevitably small and lacking in storage; and living with a roommate who doesn’t share your sense of style can be frustrating.

How to Make your own Drapery Tiebacks Drapery tiebacks can be purchased wherever window treatments are sold, but you can add a custom look to your windows and also save some cash by making your own. There are many more fabric choices available for making your own tiebacks compared to what you can find ready-made. This lets you customize the tiebacks as desired, contrasting or complementing the fabric of the curtains themselves.

Functional Furnishings for a Media Room When decorating certain rooms, your biggest decision may be where to hang the huge wall vases or tropical art decor, or whether to choose tree wall sculptures instead of floral designs. However, assembling a media room requires a little more thought and planning than many other rooms in the house, because the room is centered around electronic components.

Including a Game Room in a Media Room Many modern media rooms are designed for watching movies as well as for gaming. Designing a room that works for any kind of media is pretty straightforward, because most media, whether watching movies, listening to music or playing games, all have similar setup requirements. Taking into consideration the needs of all of these components when designing a media room is a wonderful way to create a room that is both comfortable and versatile.

The Perfect Floor for a Home's Media Room When decorating a room, people automatically think about things like wall colors and accents like area rugs, throw pillows and wall decor, whether they prefer tropical wall hangings, huge wall vases or tin wall crosses. Flooring however, is sometimes completely overlooked, even though flooring is one of the most important design elements in the room.

The Importance of Quality in Carpeting If you are trying to decide between hanging wall vases, decorative wall crosses or tropical art decor when decorating a room, your main concern is mostly a matter of personal preference. However, when selecting carpeting for a room, it is important to look for a quality carpet that is both attractive and durable.

Throw Rugs Can Be More than Decorative Hardwood floors offer a contemporary look; however, if the homeowner is used to a carpeted floor, a hardwood floor can make a room feel cavernous and cold. It is also a good idea to protect hardwood floors, especially in areas of the home that receive heavier foot traffic, and this is where throw rugs can be especially useful.

Decorate Your Country Kitchen with Country Crafts In a contemporary kitchen, large hanging vases and metal tree wall hangings may be your chosen focal point in the dining area; or a Tuscan kitchen may feature vineyard and wine wall sculptures. However, if your kitchen is decorated in a country style, why not continue the overall theme by creating a few decorative country craft decorating accents?

Designing the Perfect Formal Master Bedroom A master bedroom decorated in a formal style is often considered to be a relaxing, luxurious, and beautiful retreat, right in your own home. If you, or you and your partner, need a place to relax and unwind, the formal master bedroom can be the perfect spot. If you don’t have a lot of experience with formal decorating styles, creating your own formal master bedroom might seem to be a bit daunting. However, by simply understanding some of the basic components that go into this overall style, you’ll be able to create a truly spectacular room.

Updating a Bedroom with a Contemporary Design While it is often the last room in the home to be addressed in terms of an upgrade, it is probably one of the most important rooms in the house. It is certainly one of the rooms that caries a lot of weight with buyers when a house is being sold. The room being discussed here is, of course, the master bedroom. In today's housing market, the master bedroom has become one of the more important selling features in a home.

Canopy Beds with a Chic Updated Look Canopy beds are often considered to be a traditional bedroom addition, since they have been popular for hundreds of years. It’s easy to find beautifully traditional canopy beds, complete with tall, ornate posts, beautiful scrollwork, rich wood finishes, and heavy canopy drapes. However, canopy beds with traditional good looks are not the only game in town. Canopy beds are also popular choices for contemporary rooms, and are available in a variety of contemporary styles.

What To Do with a Brick Guest Room Wall A popular feature in years gone by, a brick wall can pose a design challenge when decorating a guest room. However, there are ways to use the wall to complement the room's decor, and brick can also offer a layer of texture in a room that would be missing without it. Here are several ways to incorporate a brick wall into a guest room design that look absolutely wonderful, and they are simple enough for just about any homeowner to do on their own.

Organizing a CD Collection Makes Easy Retrieval Possible Home decor objects like large hanging vases, decorative wall crosses and flower wall sculptures often become classics that stand the test of time. Home accessories that are related to technology, however, such as music media, can be obsolete after just a few years as we have witnessed in the move from records, to tapes and CDs to digital music. Even if much of your music collection is now stored digitally, organizing your CD collection should still be an important priority.

Easy Techniques to Prevent Laundry from Piling Up Although doing the laundry is not an especially difficult task, it often seems as though it simply never ends and it is definitely not as much fun as shopping for tropical wall hangings, tree wall sculptures or wine wall hangings! If you have a tendency to put off doing the laundry until it piles up to unmanageable proportions, you’re actually making the job harder than it has to be.

Using Organizers Originally Intended for Something Else There are certainly plenty of organizers available in stores, each of which has been designed as a solution for a specific organizational challenge. However, in some cases you might find that the perfect organizer for the job is actually something that was designed for something else. By using organizers in a creative fashion, you will find that it can actually be quite easy to devise economical and efficient organizational systems.

Decorate Your Contemporary Family Room by Painting Fine Art You may not be a sculptor and have the ability to make your own tree wall hangings, tropical wall sculptures or metal wall crosses. However, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a great artist, you can still paint beautiful fine art pieces for your contemporary living room.

How to Make a Valance Box You can personalize the look of a room with decorative accents like hanging wall vases, tin wall crosses and wine and grapes wall hangings, but how you dress the windows adds yet another layer of style. One of the most beautiful looks for any window is achieved with a box valance or valance box.

A Practical and Stylish Dorm Room Since dorm rooms are typically cramped quarters, it is important that the space is designed to be functional as well as stylish. It is important for a student’s bedroom to have style; designing a room that is only functional, even if it is a brilliantly functional design, may feel a little underwhelming to a teen.

Designing Your Dorm Room to Express the True “You” Most dorm rooms are small and stuffy and are in dire need of personal decorative touches in order to really create a space where you can feel at home. You must be able to express your own self in the room that you will be spending a lot of time in. You will need various areas of storage, a lot of space in the floor, and many furnishings that are easily tucked away.

How to Get More Space in a Small Apartment Apartment living is definitely convenient for many people, but there are also definite drawbacks that accompany living in a small, cramped apartment. Space is at a premium in most apartments, and it can become a real issue for many people. Fortunately, there are strategies that you can implement in order to make the most of the square footage that you do have.

A Small Apartment Welcomes Multifunctional Furnishings When decorating a small apartment, it is smart to have furnishings serve more than one function. For example, a coffee table that doubles as storage helps to get the most out of a diminutive space. Having fewer pieces of furniture in a room also helps make a room feel roomier, so including furnishings in a room that are multifunctional is an easy way to accomplish this task.

Urban Apartment in Retro Style When decorating an apartment with a retro flair, there are a lot of opportunities to have some fun with the design. From lava lamps to shag carpets, the styles that were popular during the sixties and seventies make the perfect reference points for retro style.

Brightening up the Foyer to Welcome Guests One element that makes a foyer feel warm and welcoming is glowing lighting, and it is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to liven up the feeling of a foyer. Quite often the light fixtures do not need to be replaced, and just updating a lampshade or swapping out a light bulb can make a big difference in the appearance of the foyer.

Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Hardwood floors are actually one of the most forgiving floor surfaces when it comes to maintenance, because when they begin to look dull and worn, often they can be revived simply by refinishing them. When done correctly, refinishing the hardwood floors brings them back to their former beauty, and it can make them look virtually new.

Types of Carpet and How they Wear Carpeting is the most popular floor covering: It is warm, affordable and comes in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. However, in addition to style, it’s important to consider the durability of the carpet and fibers. In a room where foot traffic is minimal, durability is not a major concern, but in high foot traffic portions of the home, some carpets are more durable and appropriate than others.

Carpet Pads: Colorful and Useful There are few things more elegant than a marble floor or more aesthetically pleasing than a hardwood floor. However, there are times when a hard or cold floor just does not make the grade, especially if it is a surface where a homeowner spends a lot of time standing, as most people do near the kitchen sink or range.

Bringing Country Style to the City Just because a home is in the middle of downtown does not mean that it has to be decorated in a modern, contemporary or urban style. What may look quite sleek and modern on the outside, can certainly have a homespun, country feel on the inside. Bringing a country feeling to a home's decor is a great way to make it feel more inviting, whether it is in the country or in the city.

Vintage Hardware Punctuates Shabby Chic Style When looking for a comfortable presentation for a home's entryway, consider decorating the foyer in a style that is shabby chic. A very personal combination of colors, textures and styles, the shabby chic style is a wonderful way to create a foyer that is warm and inviting. While this style has an effortless look to it, when putting the foyer's design together, attention to detail is essential to creating a successful look.

Bring Glitz to Your Room with a Mirrored Mantelpiece A mirror can become a beautiful mantel accessory for your fireplace. A mirror not only looks elegant and stunning while having a practical purpose, it also has the added benefit of making a room appear warmer and larger. A mirror is a stylish and very versatile contemporary accessory that can be used in all rooms and can be found in a plethora of styles.

Home Decor Glossary of Terms While you don’t need a interior design certificate to choose kitchen wall art or contemporary metal wall hangings from your favorite unique wall art store, there are times when some basic interior design knowledge comes in handy. For the DIY home interior decorator or designer, knowing the basic terms is important to understanding the advice that you will read in decor magazines, on decor websites, and in decor books.

Adding Storage to a Small TV Stand If you have only one wall available for decorating in the kitchen, you can decide between restaurant wall decor or kitchen wall hangings from your favorite metal wall art store. But when you’re dealing with limited floor space, storage becomes an issue that makes decorative decisions even more difficult. If you have a modest sized living room or family room, or if you want to add a TV to a small den or bedroom, you may only have enough room for a small TV stand.

The Pros & Cons of Artificial Leather Furniture If you are shopping for kitchen wall metal art versus restaurant wall art, the choice is a matter of personal preference and finding what appeals to you from store or wall art site. If you are shopping for new furniture, the decision is more critical because furniture is a sizeable investment. For example, leather furniture has many benefits: It wears well, is easy to keep clean and is beautiful.

Crystal Light Fixtures Bring a Boring Room to Life When adding a crystal covered light fixture to a room, you add a feeling of sophistication. Of course a crystal chandelier is the ultimate in elegance, and it can fit just as well into a modern room as it does in a more traditionally styled room. The typical person thinks immediately of a chandelier when picturing a crystal light fixture, however, they come in many different styles.

Cozy Options for Fireside Seating If you are fortuitous enough to enjoy the beauty of a fireplace within the home, you can maximize the enjoyment you’ll have of the space when you decorate with fireplace furniture and accessories. You can create cozy fireside seating in front of the fireplace or off to the side in order to add lots of charming appeal to the room.

The Quintessential Rustic Mantelpiece Fireplaces are designed in many different styles from traditional to modern. For many years the classic fireplace with a traditional brick façade was probably the most common design; however, in today's homes, contemporary fireplace designs are in demand. At the other end of the spectrum is the rustic fireplace with a heavy mantelpiece.

Create a Bedroom with Your Unused Formal Living Room Although the formal living room is a great showplace in any home, it is oftentimes used very infrequently or not at all. For growing families, this room can be converted somewhat with ease into another bedroom. In many instances, you may need to convert this room into a room that will only be used at night.

Using a Floating Shelf for a Mantelpiece While many homes have amazing, massive mantelpieces, others have none at all. In a home that is completely devoid of a mantelpiece a simple solution for updating the fireplace and adding a mantelpiece is to hang a floating shelf. Installing the shelf is simple, and it looks and acts just like a real mantelpiece.

Sparking Up the Look of an Unused Fireplace Just because a fireplace is not being used does not mean that it cannot bring a decorative element to a room. Most fireplaces are not used during the warm summer months, and some fireplaces are not even used during the winter months. So rather than let these focal points look dull and lifeless, get creative and add some design elements to perk up the room.

Pegboard is the Perfect Storage System throughout the Home While decorators may hail the latest Southwestern metal art decor, an antique Mediterranean iron wall grille or hand forged metal door toppers, sometimes it’s the simple things that make a home inviting.

Decorating with Natural Elements Especially when decorating on a budget, it is nice to find elements that can are not particularly expensive. Instead of spending money on an Italian iron wall grille, Southwestern wall art or other wall art for home, decorate with offerings from Mother Nature that are free for the taking.

Making Antiques Part of Contemporary Decor Antiques have long been incorporated in traditional decorating schemes, but they can be part of contemporary decor as well. When juxtaposed against contemporary furniture with clean sleek lines, antiques provide an interesting counterpoint with vintage or retro flavor.

A Bedroom Design Built Around the Bed Sometimes you can be walking through a furniture store, and the perfect piece of furniture just “speaks” to you; when that happens, you know that you’re going to end up designing the entire room around this cherished piece.

The Curvaceous Appeal of Round Furniture Round furniture has been around for centuries and it represents a revitalized trend in decor. Round furniture, popular at the turn of the century and in the stylistic heyday of the 1960s, is making a comeback in contemporary decor.

How to Decorate when Walls Cannot be Painted When you are forbidden from painting an apartment or rental home or simply don’t want to spend the money, time and effort painting or wallpapering, you may feel lost when you think about decorating your home. After all, changing wall color or pattern has a dramatic impact on the look of any room.

Room Decor Techniques to Try with Pillows Sometimes you can completely redecorate one or more rooms in your home, and yet still feel that they don't look quite finished. Even though the furniture looks great the accessories are stunning, and the Italian iron wall grille, Southwestern metal art decor or other home wall art is perfect, yet there just seems to be something missing.

Using Paint to Stretch Your Decorating Budget Paint can be a very economical choice when you're trying to decorate on a budget. Using paint, it can be quite simple to give a whole new look to walls, furniture, the floor, or other decorating features. Because it comes in so many different shades, you'll find it easy to create a wide variety of decorating effects.

Teen Girl Bedrooms: Choosing the Best Colors When designing a teenage girl's bedroom, choosing great colors is an important part of the design process. As a general rule, girls are usually ready for more exciting and sophisticated bedroom styles and colors by the time they reach their teenage years.

Juicy Designs for a Young Girl's Bedroom Just about any teen girl would adore fashioning their bedroom to reflect the Juicy Couture aesthetic, which can be very flirty and feminine or very bold and regal, but it’s always fresh, fun and colorful.

Fashioning a One-of-a-Kind Teen's Bedroom Teens are transitioning through years between childhood and adulthood, and when making over a teen's bedroom elements of both should be included. While the push is to make sure that the room is very grown up, a teen typically is not quite ready to divest themselves of all the vestiges of their childhood. Working in some favorite belongings makes the space very personal.

Remodeling or Replacing a Shower Stall Deciding whether to remodel a shower stall or completely replace it can be a tricky dilemma; it’s not like trying to decide whether to hang southwestern wall art or an iron wall grille over the fireplace. By looking at which parts of the shower are functioning properly and which need replacing, the choice between replacing and repairing may be obvious.

Dining Room Turned Conference Room More and more people are working at home these days, and many homeowners are finding new ways to use traditional spaces. While a home office is becoming increasingly common in today's homes, finding a meeting space is sometimes a challenge. Since a home office can be quite functional in a relatively small space, many people do not have a good place to hold a business meeting in their office. One easy to rectify this situation is to convert the dining table to a conference table.

Tucking a Washer and Dryer behind a Cabinet When a home has a dedicated laundry room it may not be particularly important to hide the washer and dryer in a cabinet, however, when the washer and dryer are part of another room, like a bathroom or a kitchen, storing them in a cabinet makes sense.

New Door Knobs Give Fresh Look to Home It is often the small details within the home that add the most style and aesthetic appeal. You will be surprised by the difference that the simple act of adding new door knobs to the home can make. Door knobs of the past had an artistic and stylish look, like the glass door knobs that were so popular during the Victorian period.

Designing a Room around an Area Rug One great way that you can bring visual interest and extra style to any room is with the addition of an area rug. Area rugs are available on today’s market in an array of styles, colors, textures, and sizes, and it is nearly guaranteed that you can find the ideal rug for any space. And even though it is natural to find area rugs in rooms that feature stone, tile, linoleum, and hardwood flooring, they can invariably be used for adding style to a room that is carpeted.

Creating Beautiful Decor with Nature’s Accessories Natural accessories are, well, a natural, in nature inspired rooms like a sunroom or garden room. They also fit in perfectly in a room with rustic appeal, and nearly any room that features natural materials, like wood and stone, can be made more appealing with accessories that come from Mother Nature. Themed rooms, such as those with a beach motif or garden inspired design, can also be made more beautiful with the addition of natural accents.

Fun but Quirky Accessories for Your Eclectic Home Decor One style of decorating that can be tons of fun is known as eclectic. Eclectic style typically consists of items that are drawn from many different styles, with the result being a quirky yet highly individualized decor. There are really no guidelines that are set in stone when decorating in eclectic style. You can select a mishmash of different patterns, colors, and styles within the room.

Designing a Formal Living Room that You Can Actually Use If you’re looking to add a bit of elegance and class to your home, the formal living room can help you accomplish just that feat. Nonetheless, the formal living room has traditionally been reserved for momentous occasions and events, and is usually thought of as being off-limits as far as daily use goes. But why have an entire room in the home that you cannot enjoy whenever you want?

How to Select the Right Sofa for Your Living Room Choosing iron door toppers, southwestern wall sculptures or an iron wall grille is mostly a matter of finding an item that appeals to you while matching your chosen style; of course, there also needs to be an available space in the room for your new addition. However, when selecting the right sofa for your living room, you will be faced with many different, more complex considerations.

Living Room Decor that is Simply Elegant Sometimes the best approach is the simplest one, and when decorating a living room, a simple design often results in an elegant look. A simple approach can be used whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look; even if you like eclectic design, simplicity often results in the most attractive result. A few professional design tricks make it easy to create an elegant and beautiful room that your family can enjoy every day of the week.

Foolproof Living Room Design with Two Colors Simplicity is always a good thing and when it comes to decorating your living room, sticking with a two color palette is an easy and foolproof way to create a fabulous design. You can choose two colors that you love or use a color wheel and select two colors that are either analogous or complementary.

Raise the Bed, Increase your Storage Nearly everyone could use more storage space in the bedroom, and if the bedroom is small, storage space is even at a greater premium. Closets tend to become overstuffed before everything is put away and this can leave you with a cluttered and unorganized room. Raising the bed is an efficient way to add more storage and it takes advantage of empty space that you most likely cannot afford to lose.

Clever Storage Solutions for the Tiniest of Homes Even if you are diligent about getting rid of items that you no longer need, when you live in a small house, having sufficient storage for things you really do need can be a problem. However, there are some clever storage solutions that can make your life a little easier and in case you’ve never thought of these solutions before, we’re going to discuss them here.

Making a Contemporary Statement with Retro Wallpaper There are wallpaper colors, patterns and styles that specifically hearken to the period between the forties and the seventies. Patterns included striped, geometric and floral designs, and colors include gray, aqua, brown and orange. These wallpaper designs are boldly stylized, and their aesthetic is boldly different from today's wallpaper designs.

3 Proven Techniques to Clean Floors A house can be beautifully decorated with stylish wood wall plaques, beautiful wall candle sconces and impressive large wall crosses. But if a house is not clean, the decor is hardly noticed or important. In any house it is not easy keeping the floors clean, and with a busy family it is even harder. High traffic areas get grungy faster then the lesser used areas in a home, and just about any family can use some helpful ideas for ways to keep the floor sparkling clean.

Professional Tips for Applying Frosted Window Film While decorative objects, like large wall sculptures, unique candle sconces and large wall crosses can give a home unique style, sometimes the simplest items can make a home more comfortable and functional. Frosted window film is one such item.

Where to Find Quotation Wall Stencils While decorating with modern metal wall art, wood wall sculptures or even large wall planters can give a room a great look, stenciling your walls with quotations provides you with a unique accent for any room; and stenciling is so simple that nearly anyone can do it. It is also very cost-effective and inexpensive, but adds a dramatic touch.

Exciting Concepts for the Teen Bedroom Many teens prefer bedrooms that feature exciting design elements that are truly reflective of their individual personalities and tastes. And while many teens frown on an actual theme for their bedroom (they’ve outgrown Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Square Pants), having an underlying concept for the teen bedroom can be helpful in pulling together the various elements of the teen bedroom.

Savvy Lift Top Coffee Tables Provide Storage and Functionality One of the most versatile items of furniture that you may ever own is the lift top coffee table. This is a wonderful option for your family room or living room area that will add functionality and storage to the space while serving as a coffee table. This type of table looks great and also helps you to keep the space organized and neat. So whether you’ve decorated with modern metal wall art and large wall sculptures or traditional wood wall sculptures, clutter is hidden and the items you wish to showcase will stay center stage.

Decorating with Quaint French Country Furniture Finds If embracing eclecticism sets your heart aflutter, then decorating with quaint French country furniture is likely ‘right up your alley’. This style blends easily with a broad range of assembled and collected pieces and is all the rage right now in modern decor. You can achieve the French country look without spending a whole lot – through furniture finds at thrift stores and garage sales or by using pieces that have been passed down from your family.

Versatile Pool Dining Table Ideas If your home is lacking the floor space for a pool or billiard table, you can still have one – in the dining room! The pool dining table is a great solution to the problem of billiard enthusiasts who pine for a pool table but don’t have the basement or recreation room that is needed to house it. This versatile furniture item can be used as a traditional table in the dining room as needed, and then converted to the pool table when you’re ready to chalk up your cues and break the balls!

Tint your Window with Professional Results Window tint is a polyester film that has been treated with various additives that reflect sunlight; it is sometimes also called “solar control film”. Some window tints are treated with dye that absorbs the rays of the sun; other films use ceramic or metallic treatments with reflective qualities to fend off the sun’s rays. Window tint or film is scratch-resistant and is installed on the interior glass of a window.

What’s so Great about Imbedded Blinds? There is so much that goes into decorating a room. You must choose the style of furniture and upholstery, wall and accent colors, and finish with accessories like lamps, wood wall sculptures, area rugs, large wall planters, paintings and artwork, large wall sculptures, or whatever defines your style. Window treatments are a critical factor in design: They must not only work stylistically, but functionally as well. Imbedded blinds are one option in window treatments that fit the bill.

A Second Story can Elevate your Home’s Value Adding a second story to your home is a smart way to add living space often at a price that is less than building a main story addition. As a bonus, when you go to sell your home in the future, your home will be worth more so your investment will generate a considerable return.

Let Transom Windows Beautify your Home Transom windows add architectural interest to your home with detailing that makes your entry area more inviting, whether it is decorated with beautiful wall candle sconces, metal wall crosses or wood wall plaques. Located above the transom or horizontal beam that runs above your door, transom windows also let natural light into your entry, making the home more beautiful from the inside as well as outside.

Use Paint to Create a Designer Look Paint choices are more versatile than ever, with new finishes and colors continually coming onto the market. New trends in colors and finishes as well as new ideas on using color, pattern and light come together to give a home a sophisticated contemporary look.

Bathroom Decorating Around a Pink Tub and Tile There are times when you have to work around less than ideal circumstances in your home. For example, you may have a pink bathtub and tile that make you shudder every time to go into the bathroom. If replacing the tile and tub are not feasible at this time, you’ll be relieved to know that there are some decorating tricks you can use to make the pink seemingly fade away.

How to Make Your Own Storage Cabinet You can never have too much storage and learning how to build a storage cabinet can save money and add storage space to your garage or work shop. Saving money on home improvement projects like this gives you pride of ownership and saves money for those things that you truly want and can’t make yourself, like iron wall art, modern wall sculptures or wrought iron grilles.

Creating a Home Office in the Smallest Possible Space There are many apartments and homes that simply do not have enough extra room to accommodate a home office, but even the smallest of spaces may accommodate a low profile computer desk. With many styles available, it is possible to find just the right one to fit any decor.

Smaller Sectional Sofas Work Well in Older Homes A sectional sofa is a comfortable addition to any living room or family room; however, it generally needs a larger sized space, so that it does not overwhelm the rest of the room. In many older homes, the rooms are simply not very large, and a sectional sofa is just not the proper scale for the living room. There is, however, a smaller version of sectional couch that is perfect for smaller homes or rooms.

Wooden Wine Rack Design and Construction For anyone who loves wine, collecting favorites is only natural, and as the collection grows, there are many different options available for storing bottles of wine. One of the most basic options is a wine rack, and just about anyone can build their own, custom wine rack with just a little patience and a few basic tools.

Kitchen Layouts that Put the Fun in Function A quick kitchen makeover can be a simple as changing from southwestern metal art decor to country french wall art. However, when designing a kitchen layout, more work and planning is required and some floor plans will work better than others.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Windows Clean While some homes may feature traditional landscape wall art while others display asian wall sculptures, sparkling clean windows make any house look brighter and cleaner. Unfortunately, since the window pane is the barrier between the inside of the house and the elements, more often than not, the weather leaves its mark on the outside of a home's windows.

Many Reasons for Hanging Temporary Blinds There are many different reasons why a person may choose to install temporary blinds on a window. If the window is in a room that requires privacy right away, like a bathroom or a bedroom, then installing temporary blinds may be a viable solution while designing, fitting and ordering a more permanent window treatment.

The Many Faces of Tile Design In the Beginning . . . Through the ages, tile has been a colorful and versatile design material, and it can be used to great effect in just about any decorating style from the most contemporary kitchen design right down to an elegantly, sophisticated bathroom.

When to Seek Help with a Bedroom Makeover Some homeowners like the idea of remodeling their own bedroom, while others cannot fathom where to begin a remodeling project. Any time that a homeowner decides to remodel a bedroom, it is a good idea to map out the scope of the work involved to complete the remodel, and then make the assessment of whether or not to call in a pro.

Color is the Glue when Creating Cohesive Room Designs One of the easiest ways to unite all of the elements in a room's design is with color. When colors are mismatched or clashing, it has a very divisive effect on the look of a room. By coordinating colors used throughout the room, a decorator can create harmony between the elements in the room and pull the eye smoothly throughout the area.

Creating a Custom Shower Curtain with Accessories to Match Few things are more frustrating than finding the perfect shower curtain for an amazing bathroom design only to discover that the price tag is simply out of reach. To avoid running into this problem perhaps consider making a designer shower curtain out of a bed sheet that is every bit as attractive as a high priced designer curtain. Not only are sheets available in many different attractive designs, but they can often be found on sale.

Blending Genres to Construct Truly Individual Style More often than not people like elements from all different styles, and a wonderful way to express personality in a room design is to combine different genres to create an eclectic style. The problem that many people run into, however, is that they are not sure how to effectively combine several different genres without the room looking just plain messy. There are some simple rules that anyone can use to create beautifully blended styles in a room's design to express an individual's style.

Makeover a Boring Bathroom with Beautiful Tile While a crisp, white tiled bathroom may look bright and clean, it can also appear very monotonous, and with the huge variety of tile available on the market today, there is no reason to settle for dull and boring when it comes to bathroom design. Just as you can choose anything from landscape metal sculptures to asian wall decor to suit your taste, there are virtually limitless selections in tile. With so many sizes, shapes, colors and textures available in tile, updating a boring bathroom look is easier than ever.

Shower Doors Options: The Advantages of Bi-Fold When selecting wall art for a bathroom, whether you choose country french wall art or urban cityscape wall art decor is a matter of personal preference. When selecting a shower door, personal preference and well as practicality come into play. First, look for one that allows easy access to the shower. The door should also do a good job at keeping the water contained in the shower area, and it should be easy to maintain.

Decor that Makes a Vaulted Great Room Feel Cozy In modern homes, a huge great room with soaring vaulted ceilings is a desirable feature. While this can make the space impressive and spacious, it can also have the effect of seeming cold and cavernous. However, there are some decorative tricks you can use to make a vaulted great room feel cozy and inviting.

How to Create a Gothic Living Room With its telltale pointed arches, rich colors, intricately carved patterns, and stained glass, the Gothic style of design is making a prominent comeback in the modern home. When designing a living room in gothic style, think about medieval castles and grand cathedrals.

Installing a New Fiberglass Exterior Door When you spend a lot of time, effort and money on nice landscaping and choosing the perfect accents, like large outdoor wall art and outdoor wall clocks, for your front entry area, you want your door to be attractive as well. Keeping an exterior door in good repair can be quite a challenge, depending on the elements that it has to contend with. So when you are selecting your next exterior door, think about choosing a fiberglass door.

How to Maintain a Garbage Disposal and Keep It Smelling Fresh Every once in a while you will notice an unpleasant odor wafting through the air, and as you follow your nose it leads you straight to your garbage disposal. So you run your disposal and hope that the water washes the odor down the drain. As it turns out your disposal was already empty, yet the odor persists.

How to Use Extension Jambs Just Like the Professional Contractor Certain home improvement projects, like hanging large outdoor wall clocks or wine wall decor, take a good eye more than a particular skill. However, other projects require specific knowledge for a successful outcome. Knowing how to use extension jambs for a professional door installation is a good example of this type of project.

Constructing a Screen Door from Scratch When even your favorite garden wall decor or flowers wall art can’t chase away the winter blues, you know that spring fever is setting in. There is something really wonderful about opening the house on the first days of spring and letting in the fresh air. Being able to leave your doors open is a wonderful part of that ritual, and having screen doors lets you enjoy the fresh air while keeping bugs and critters out.

Installing a Door Frame to a Masonry Wall Some home improvement projects are fairly easy to complete on your own. For example, nearly anyone can successfully hang large outdoor wall clocks or tree branch wall decor. Many homeowners are even adept at installing tile or renovating a kitchen.

Repairing Sliding Closet Doors that Do Not Work Right One of the most popular options for closet doors is the sliding closet door. They are easy to install and use very little space. However, when the tracks begin to wear, these doors can be infuriating.

DIY Sources for Learning about Plumbing & Electrical Work While the average do-it-yourself homeowner isn’t interested in becoming a licensed plumber or electrician, it is useful to know enough about these trades so that you can safely and effectively complete a home repair or improvement project.

Four Great Ways to Disguise a Television in Your Bedroom Even though most experts will agree that the bedroom should never be used for watching television, many people enjoy lounging in bed and watching their favorite shows. Nonetheless, a television will never be considered an attractive decorative accent in the way that contemporary flowers wall decor or even outdoor patio clocks are, for instance.

How to Create Your Own Stunning Wall Art From outdoor wall clocks to wine grapes wall art, you can find a ton of different styles and types of wall art that is already made and ready for hanging, but it is oftentimes a bit of fun to create your very own stunning wall art for a personalized feel. Creating wall art for your own home can be a very rewarding project and you can save yourself a bit of money in the process while potentially ending up with a magnificent piece of art that you will cherish for years.

Making an Upholstered, Leather Door the Faux Way There are some faux finishes that you can apply to your walls that add a little interest or depth to the wall, and then there are faux finishes that really trick the eye into seeing something that is not there. While you may never have the funds to upholster a closet door in leather to finish off a richly elegant look in your room's design, you may be able get your elegant closet door decor using a simple faux painting technique.

How to Install a Dimmer Switch While people often spend a great amount of time choosing accessories like wine wall decor or flowers wall art to accent a room, they frequently overlook the importance and decorative power of proper lighting. Dimmer switches give you ultimate control over the amount of lighting in a room.

Home Office or Guest Room? You Decide Figuring out how to create a highly functional home office and still have it function as an inviting and comfortable guest room is a dilemma that more and more people are facing. If you can afford a to furnish your home office with new furniture, then one of the best ways to design a truly dual functioning room is to furnish it with pieces that easily convert from office to guest room.

Soften Up Modern Decor by Decorating with Quilts You can soften up the feel of a modern decor theme with the use of quilts. It doesn’t matter whether a room features decorative crosses or beautiful trees wall art, quilts - particularly handmade quilts - can add the ideal touch of inviting comfort to any room within the home, from the foyer to the kitchen and back again.

Make your Own Button Picture Frames When it come to certain decorative accents, like atomic outdoor wall clocks or wrought iron wall crosses, it’s nearly impossible to make them yourself. However, there are other home accents that can be even more appealing when homemade.

How to Create Your Own Handmade Cabinet Knobs In lieu of purchasing expensive knobs for the cabinets around your home, why not create stylish and very personalized knobs yourself? The exciting concept about creating your own knobs is that they will be unique, and that they will reflect not only on your personal interests and preferences, but can, in addition, complement the use you have for the cabinets. You can craft the cabinet knobs from materials like clay or you can repurpose found objects like rocks, marbles, and wooden spools.

How to Add a Dining Room within a Living Room If you don't have a dining room in your home, don't despair. In fact, many people who have an actual dining room find that they rarely use them. It's actually quite easy to add dining room space in an existing living room. In fact, if you already have a dining room, you might decide to repurpose it for another use, adding a dining area to your living room instead to save space.

Quality Room Additions & Kitchen Remodeling Made SIMPLE! Kitchen remodeling or room additions, finished to a homeowner’s satisfaction, which results in a visually stunning Dream Home, are considered a worthy, but a particularly long-term investment for all parties concerned in both, time and money, not to mention stress. Here in San Diego, kitchen remodeling or any type of addition is akin to having surgery on your home; it is emotionally draining to find the perfect doctor, terrifying throughout the entire operation and when the bill comes; can render the patient (you) into a coma!

Wall Clocks: Choosing a Living Room Clock Our busy lives typically revolve around time, and for this reason many people incorporate clocks into their living room decor. The timepieces people exhibit say a lot about personal style, and every room in most homes typically display a clock of some type or another. From digital clocks to wall clocks, it is convenient when the time is available at a glance, and it is for this reason that wall clocks are an essential home furnishing.

Wall clocks will never go out of style, and they are as useful as they are decorative, especially when displayed in a living room. If you want to make a dramatic statement and add style and appeal to your living room, consider the following wall clocks. No matter your style of choice, you will find wall clocks to meet your specific preference and budget, and most of all; the high-quality clocks you choose will add artistic value and design to your home.

Guest Bedroom Decor: Budget Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces A guest bedroom should be relaxing, cozy, and well decorated to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. Candle wall sconces can help you add interest and design to a guest bedroom when sticking to a budget. They are far less costly than high-quality electric light fixtures, and they add more warmth and appeal to the room. Consider the following budget decorating ideas with candle wall sconces, and turn your guest bedroom into a place that is sure to impress all of your guests.

Wrought Iron Wall Decor: Ways to Create a Focal Point Above a Living Room Fireplace A grand fireplace in a living room is an impressive sight to behold, but the living room can be even more impressive if the vertical space surrounding the hearth is embellished with fine works of wall art. A living room fireplace with a bare wall directly above the mantel can be further embellished with impressive wall hangings, and high-quality wrought iron> is an excellent choice. Three-dimensional works of fine wall art can also be placed on both sides of a floor to ceiling fireplace for a stunning living room display. Wrought iron wall decor goes well with almost any living room style and decor, and it makes a lasting first impression. Consider the following easy ways to create a focal point above or around a living room fireplace, and transform the most eye-catching area of the living room into a space with amazing style that will generate many well deserved compliments for years to come.

Decorating Walls with Architectural Pieces An elegant room in your home would appear even more elegant and sophisticated with the addition of wall hangings that look like column fragments from ancient times. Consider wall hangings that include sections of ancient columns and beautifully detailed arches. When placed in a foyer, a piece such as this would make an outstanding first impression. It would make a dramatic statement while setting the tone for the rest of the home.

Easy Ways to Make Contemporary Living Room Warm and Inviting When some people think of a contemporary living room they think of a cold and sterile room with walls of windows and white decor, but modern-day decorating does not have to look cold and uninviting. A living room should be warm and welcoming, and a modern living room is no exception. There are a number of easy ways to make a contemporary living room appear warm and exceptionally inviting, and the following ideas will show you where to begin.

Tuscan Style Decorating: A Kitchen with Italian Charm and Old World Appeal Imagine walking down a narrow winding road that leads to a small Italian village in the northern countryside. In the distance are beautiful flowers growing wild along hillsides and enchanting sandstone homes with wooden shutters and terracotta tile roofs. Some are surrounded by stone walls with wrought iron gates. These charming rural Italian homes are filled with rustic heavy wooden furnishings, marble floors, and the aroma of Italian cuisine. A Tuscan home is comfortable and inviting, and it is a style with old world appeal and unparalleled charm. It is a popular decorating style that is often replicated within homes thousands of miles away from the villages of Tuscany, and it is a style that is here to stay.

Metal Wall Art – An Easy and Unique Way To Make A Decorating Statement Whether in the form of metal abstract artwork or metal wall sculptures, quality, metal wall art is an easy way to make a stylish and distinctive decorating statement in your home. Metal wall art is one of the most versatile forms of a wall art. Because most of it is either metal abstract artwork or metal wall sculptures that depict simple nature designs, such as vines, leaves and sunbursts, the decorating schemes you can use a given piece with are almost endless.

Swarovski Wall Mirrors Crystallize your Home Decor - Savvy decorators have used wall mirrors for centuries as focal points, as works of art in themselves, to accessorize and to bring light and space to a room. If you have a penchant for glamour, consider the Swarovski wall mirrors.

Choosing the Right Clock - When choosing clocks for your home, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about utility. The clocks that you hang on your walls will either add to – or take away from –the overall decor. Choosing the wrong clock can create a glaring blemish in an otherwise pulled together room.

The Difference Between Cast Iron and Wrought Iron - Iron ornaments can enhance decor inside and outside. You’ve likely heard the terms “wrought iron” and “cast iron”, but you may not know the difference between the two. Both can be beautiful and a wonderful addition to your home, but they are actually quite different.

Arranging Furniture - When decorating or redecorating a room, many find that the most basic of tasks can be daunting. While some get stumped on how to choose wall decor , others find that deciding how to arrange the furniture can be equally as difficult as trying to figure out if metal wall decor works well with their furniture.

Big Ideas for Small Spaces - No matter how small your space is, there is likely someone out there who lives in an even smaller space. Case in point: A television show recently featured a woman who lived in an apartment that was only 250 square feet! It was the only apartment she could afford in her New York city neighborhood of choice. A professional decorator showed her how to make the most of her space and the result was a functional and beautiful apartment complete with furniture that is perfect for a small space and wall decor that made the most of every inch.

How to Choose a Painting Contractor - You have decided that your walls need a fresh new look. Before you can hang your new decorative candle sconces or that great antique metal wall grille , some painting will need to be done. Some people love tackling this task. After just one day of painting, they can step back, admire their work and feel like they have accomplished something.

Downsizing - Making a move from a large home to a smaller one can be both a blessing and a challenge. More and more people are realizing that they don’t need to live in huge homes, and some are choosing to make the move to smaller digs. Others downsize for different reasons. Some move out of their large home because the kids are leaving the house, they are retiring or they are simply ready for condo life where someone else will mow the lawn. Whatever the reason for the move, one challenge is present across the board: How to fit all of your furniture, knick knacks and wall decor into your petite new home.

Organize the Kid’s Rooms - No matter how great of a housekeeper you may be, there is likely one area that is a bit more of a challenge than the rest of your home: the kid’s rooms. Most kids aren’t going to share your passion for keeping things neat and orderly. Regardless of how carefully you attend to details such as furniture placement and wall decorations, they may not appreciate it enough to keep it as tidy as you’d like.

Your Tiny Office Space - You finally have the home office space that you’ve needed for so long. The problem is that the space is tiny, and you’re not sure how to make the space both usable and beautiful. It’s easier than you think to turn your space into a usable office. In fact, having a small office has an added benefit: It can help you to be more productive as it forces you to stay organized. Adding the right wall decor , such as mirrors and metal wall art , will add the beauty that you desire.

TV or not TV? - Should there be a television in the living room? This question probably causes debates in households all over the country. While many newer houses have open floor plans that eliminate the need for this discussion, many more houses have a floor plan with a separate living room and family room. So, should there be a television in the living room? The answer depends on who you ask. Some people want a TV in every room in the house, while others feel the living room should be a bit more formal, with lovely furniture and elegant wall decor.

The Everything Room - Sometimes you need more rooms than you have in your home. While it would be great to have a separate guest room, pet room, office and gym, the fact is that in your house ONE room has to do the job of several rooms. Here are some tips to make your “everything room” look great while meeting all your needs.

Tips for Creating a Stylish Modern Bathroom - Some people love traditional bathrooms complete with a claw foot tub, pedestal sink and fabulous antique vanity mirrors . For others, only the most modern of bathrooms will do. It used to be difficult to find fixtures and accessories for more modern bathrooms, but this is not longer the case. Finding features to include in your modern bathroom is easier than ever before. Whatever look you are going for, you will be able to find sinks, vanity mirrors and other items that will suit your taste – and budget - perfectly. Here are a few tips for your modern bathroom.

A Room for the Dogs - It seems that people love to pamper their pets more than ever before. This new desire to totally spoil your four-legged friends can take many forms. Everything from doggy massages to designer clothes are available for those pampered pooches. Some people even have rooms that are set aside just for the dogs.

Displaying Collections - Some people collect stamps, coins or other items that can be neatly tucked away when not being enjoyed by the collector. Others collect dolls, little shoes, model cars, particular home decor accents and other items that they feel MUST be displayed – prominently – in their home.

Displaying Family Photos
- Finding a place to display your family photos can be a challenge. Some people want every wall in their home covered in photos of the people they love, while others choose to find a more discreet way to display them.

Freshen any Room with Flowers - If you are looking for a way to freshen up the look of any room in your house, flowers may be the answer. Fresh flowers are a quick and inexpensive way to give every room a fresh, clean look.

It’s His Room, Too - A growing trend among homeowners is to have a dedicated “man-room”. This gives a guy space to be messy if he chooses, decorate as he pleases and otherwise display his own unique decorating style (which may include race car posters and beer logo wall mirrors) within the home.

Decorating your Bedroom with Romance and Class - It doesn’t matter whether you are 27 or 67, your bedroom is a very special place. It is a private place in the home where your dreams are held and your special moments live.

5 Tips for Fabulous Living Room Decorating - It’s not uncommon for most people to struggle with the idea of taking living room decorating beyond setting the couch up at a good angle to catch the best television shows.

Individual Decorating Styles can Create Fantastic Homes - It doesn’t matter where you live. If you want use your own unique decorating styles to create a home that is liveable, beautiful, functional, and most importantly, your very own, you can do it on a shoe string budget.

Creating Warmth with Door Decorating - Door decorating isn’t just for the holidays. Adding small touches to the front or back door can add warmth and welcoming to your entire home. There are numerous methods of decorating your door.

Office Decorating for the Creative Mind - The office holds so much potential. Not just for decorating ideas, but for the multitudes of thoughts and ideas that dare to flow from it.

Nautical Decorating Ideas that Blend with Modern Society - Nautical decorating doesn’t have to mean that the inside of your home or office looks like the inside of a tall ship.

Five Unique Ways to Display Metal Wall Hangings - Metal wall hangings are fabulously interesting decorating pieces. Obviously, they are meant to dress up a wall, used as a hanging the same way one would use a portrait or a painting, but with more character and a differentiating status of one’s own imagination.

What is Metal Abstract Artwork? - Abstract art has been around since the dawn of art, the telling of stories and emotions and thoughts in a new way, one that lets both the artist and the admirer depict numerous images from the same piece.

Clocks at their Finest - Once upon a time, wall clocks were nothing more than functional pieces of equipment, designed merely for getting people out the door on time to make sure they weren’t late for their meetings, school, and the basic appointments of life.

When Using Wrought Iron Wall Decor, Is Large Better than Small? - Wrought iron wall decor comes in a huge variety of sizes these days. In the beginning of their popularity, there was one basic size, about the size of an eight by ten photograph, which dominated the market.

Why Should I Use Metal Wall Decorations Instead of Paintings? - A very good friend of mine is an interior decorator. Right after I moved into a fabulous lofty apartment with high ceilings and 150 year old floors, she started showing up with these metal wall decorations.

Decorating with Oil Paintings Can Liven Up Boring Walls - Decorating with oil paintings can take your home’s style in nearly any direction you want it to go.
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